Build on your Lot

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If you've discovered the ideal piece of land and are eager to begin constructing your dream home, look no further — we're here to assist! Verano Builders specializes in building residences across Central Florida. With almost two decades of experience in building on your lot, we've established an array of construction benchmarks, and every home we build surpasses these standards.

With over 10 plus floor plans at your disposal, you can initiate your journey. As you explore these plans, remember that they can alter. This is the joy of collaborating on the design and construction process with Verano Builders.

Already have your unique plan? We're more than capable of executing that too! Our team will collaborate with you to provide an initial cost estimate for building on your specific lot. Given our extensive experience of nearly two decades in home construction, we're well-versed in this process. While we may inquire extensively, it's all in the pursuit of ensuring that your house is brought to life precisely as you envision it, from the very beginning to the final touches.

We are your solution for your dream of building a new home