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Frequently Asked Question

What Does a Site Visit Entail?

A Site Visit is a complimentary service we extend to aid in your budget planning and optimize your chosen location. Once you've selected your floor plan and pinpointed your desired building site, a member of our Pro Team will accompany you for a walk-through of the lot. During this visit, we'll discuss any necessary land preparations prior to construction, the strategic placement of your home to maximize sunlight exposure and views, among other considerations.

Understanding Site Development

A successful home construction endeavor begins with adequately preparing the land for building. This process might encompass tasks like grading, clearing, sewer excavation, permitting, and related actions, depending on the land's characteristics. At Verano Builders, we collaborate with you to ensure these necessities are carried out at minimal cost without added markups.


Yes, we do offer duplex options. Depending on the zoning we can determine if your lot meets the zoning requirements.

Shell Construction

We don't engage in shell. Instead, we collaboratively determine a floor plan that aligns with your budget and that can meet your needs.

Supplying Finish Materials

Our commitment to quality is evident through our comprehensive home warranties, supported by top-notch materials and seasoned trade partners.

Personal Involvement for Cost Savings

We maintain a dependable team of professionals to ensure timely and budget-conscious home building. For liability purposes, we can’t allow anyone but the construction crew on the sites where we work.

Customization and Layout Alterations

Our homes are budget conscious and can’t customize home floor plans.

Adapting Other Builders' Plans

While replicating another builder's plan isn't possible, we're keen to incorporate your desires and needs into your home based on the available plans we have in-house.

Guidance Through the Process

We're here to guide you throughout the journey. Our team's expertise stems from their own experiences as customers.

Community Developments

We specialize in on-your-lot custom buildings and don't operate in developments or communities. We craft your home exactly where you desire. If you lack land ownership, our Real Estate agents can assist you in securing and preparing the ideal plot for your dream home.

Finding Land

Our sales office locations and online tools are designed to facilitate land discovery. Even if you've never purchased land before, our process is streamlined, supported by a network of real estate professionals, and easily accessible for you to embark on the journey of finding the perfect plot for your custom home.

Equity Upon Moving In

However, it's crucial to remember that this is not a guarantee of future performance. Variables such as market conditions, chosen upgrades, land prices, and other factors can impact property values.